Ultra Commerce has attracted an array of new sales and technical talent in recent months, recruiting leaders from Magento, SAP, Epi, IBM, Elastic Path, and Sitecore. Each of these new hires chose Ultra Commerce due to its technology leadership, its growth potential, and its people.

After Ultra Commerce pivoted its business to focus 100% on delivering superior commerce outcomes for customers, they began to draw in big names at other leading providers.


David Crow

One of the big names at Ultra Commerce is David Crow with 30+ years of eCommerce experience working at leading companies such as IBM, Magento (an Adobe Company), Commerce Hub, and Sterling Commerce. David also hired Michael Lewandowski with a wealth of knowledge in eCommerce, having spent time at both IBM and SAP. Leading the Americas Sales, David has already grown pipeline by four times its original value.


Stan Klabbers

John Leslie

Another sales leader, John Leslie who came from Epi, is now leading EMEA. After building and growing the EMEA region at Epi, John was fully confident he could do the same with the Ultra Commerce platform. In the UK, Ultra Commerce also drew in Stan Klabbers, after leaving Elastic Path, to manage technical presales.



Robin Foster

Katie Towers

In APAC, Ultra Commerce has a long-standing presence of technical and commerce experts including Paul McClure (Chief Revenue Officer) and Troy Fisher (Chief Technology Officer). Katie Towers now leads APAC sales with a rich technology start-up background and recruited our most recent team member Robin Foster, who came from Sitecore.



Five new sales team members have joined the business across multiple regions. Each of them with one thing in common, they chose to leave a big-name eCommerce platform to come to Ultra Commerce. So, the question begs, what makes Ultra Commerce so enticing?

Each of them will easily talk for days about why they know Ultra Commerce is the right choice for customers.

“I love working for companies that have two things – passionate people and disruptive technology. Ultra Commerce has this in abundance with outstanding technology and people full of energy.” John Leslie, Director of Sales EMEA.

“On average it takes 9 months to deploy a new digital commerce platform – we launch in weeks. I want to help digital sellers provide their customers with the best buying experience, quickly.” David Crow, VP Sales – Americas.

“Ultra Commerce is the obvious choice to help organizations take advantage of the online boom & improve customer experience.”  Katie Towers, Director of Sales APAC.

To learn why eCommerce experts chose Ultra Commerce over other leading eCommerce platforms, request a 30-minute conversation with a sales team member.