UltraServe announces Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Amazon Web Services

Digital Commerce expert UltraServe, has signed a Strategic Collaboration Agreement with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to prepare for launching a disruptive new product next month.

Leveraging its proven expertise and experience in delivering digital commerce solutions for market-leading brands on AWS, UltraServe, next month, expects to deliver a modern, enterprise-grade platform solution designed to promote rapid business innovation aimed at improving site uptime, scalability, and performance. With its focus on simplification and automation combined with a pay-as-you-consume licensing model, the new UltraServe solution can remove many of the main barriers to entry associated with traditional digital commerce approaches.

Strategic early decisions made by UltraServe to be “all in on AWS” and “specialize on digital commerce” have enabled the company to successfully deliver digital commerce outcomes for its customers globally at any location in which AWS has a presence. UltraServe has leveraged the extensive suite of services available from AWS, along with its rapid innovation cycles, to reduce much of the “undifferentiated heavy lifting” required for infrastructure. This has empowered UltraServe to focus on delivering its core value proposition for customers.

UltraServe CEO Matthew Hyland said the timing was perfect for UltraServe to “double down” on working with AWS. “We now have all the foundations in place to fulfill our corporate vision of becoming one of the market-leading digital commerce solutions for enterprises globally. With the power and support of AWS behind us, UltraServe can do something truly transformational,” he said. “We look forward to working with AWS and other AWS Partner Network (APN) members to deliver a quick, easy, and compelling digital commerce experience globally,” continued Hyland.

The Strategic Collaboration Agreement between UltraServe and AWS covers a number of key areas of collaboration, including AWS support in development efforts for UltraServe’s marketplace product-readiness and significant go-to-market support as it reaches a global audience of enterprises and retailers with its digital commerce solution.

About UltraServe

UltraServe is a specialist organization that is 100% focused on delivering Digital Commerce outcomes for its customers globally. Leveraging more than 15 years of experience in designing, implementing and managing digital commerce solutions for some of the worlds most recognized brands, UltraServe built the UltraServe commerce platform to help organizations realize the full potential of their digital commerce investments by providing the fastest, most reliable and cost-effective way to provision, maintain and manage digital commerce applications on Amazon Web Services (AWS). To learn more about UltraServe or for inquiries please contact sales@ultraserve.com.au or visit www.ultraserve.co